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At Savage Construction, we offer our Top-Quality Concrete Services with Pride and Professionalism since 1979. We provide lasting and functional installations that you can rely on, adding beauty and practicality to your home or business. We have many styles and applications to choose from, ranging from basic functionality to magnificent Stamp and Color, at prices you can afford. Our track record, our many satisfied customers, and our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau all speak to our impeccable professionalism. Give us a call today, and we can give you a Free Estimate on your concrete project. You’ll be glad you did….


Give a treat to your home

    • Remove and Replace Deteriorated Driveways-
    • We tear out and remove existing concrete, and we provide Skid Steer Loaders and Dump Trucks for Efficient removal in a Timely manner. We apply an appropriate amount of Gravel to prevent heaving and sinking, we provide a Penetrating Sealer for Lasting Durability, and we also offer our decorative Stamp and Color Services.
      • Concrete Stairs-
    • We install Practical, Safe, and Functional Concrete Stairs, as well as Decorative Concrete Stairs to enhance the aesthetics of your home for years to come.
      • Power wash and Seal-
    • Clean and well-maintained driveways, sidewalks, and patios, are not only more attractive than the alternative, they can also last longer over time. This is because they are far less susceptible to penetrating salt. This not only leads to concrete breakdown, as well as spalling on the surface. After a thorough Power Washing, we apply a Penetrating Acrylic or Urethane Sealer to give your concrete a lasting protection against the elements for years to come.
    • We use a 6.5 Bag Mix ¾ Gravel Concrete Applications on all our Driveways-
    • Different gravel types can be added to concrete applications for reinforcement and strength purposes, as well as for beautifying and decorative concrete finishes. All our installations are done with the utmost in quality, durability, and lasting beauty.
      • Driveway approaches-
    • Our Installations are always performed with precision and expert planning and practicality, to function perfectly and problem-free for years to come. We always perform with proper permits and approval upon Inspection, we adhere to all City, State, and Federal Specifications including Curb and Gutter requirements, and our work always meets Code.
      • Curb and Gutter
      • Our Curb and Gutter Systems are designed and installed to be as effective and functional as possible. All our work is done to the highest quality, and we meet all legal requirements. We perform our installations within new development jurisdictions, as well as we replace existing systems that have been damaged or deteriorated.
    • Patios and Pool Decks
    • Our Installations of Patios and Pool Decks are some of the finest on the Wasatch Front. We combine Form with Function, to provide lasting enjoyment and satisfaction. Some of the Beautiful Applications we offer include a variety of custom Stamped Concrete Styles, such as Ashlar Slate, Roman Slate, Cobble Stone, and Random Stone. These and many other styles to choose from are available in a number of attractive colors.


Power Wash and Seal Service

Power Wash and Seal Service

  • Power Wash and Seal service-
  • Whether Commercial or Residential installations, well-maintained and clean driveways, walkways, and flooring, are not only more visually appealing than stained and dirty concrete, they can also last longer over time. This is because they are less susceptible to weathering and degradation. Also, one of the common issues in the state of Utah is salt that is used on the streets that’s find its way to the driveway. This may lead to concrete breakdown, as well as spalling of your concrete.
  • After a Professional Power Washing, we then apply a Penetrating Urethane or Acrylic Sealer to give your concrete lasting protection for years to come.


Professional Commercial  Concrete

  • ADA Compliant Wheelchair Ramps

Our Wheelchair Ramps meet all requirements and specifications of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1993). This includes proper width, slope, and rise, for easy access for everyone to your place of business. We ensure that our Ramps will function perfectly with your place of business. And we meet all local and federal legal requirements and codes.

  • Sidewalks-

Our Commercial Sidewalk Installations are performed with proficiency in a timely manner with our team of experts and equipment. We have been installing concrete on large commercial projects for over four decades with a successful track record. These are the reasons that developers of retail complexes, business campuses, office parks, and industrial properties come to us for our reliable service.

  • Concrete –
  • We install all kinds of Concrete applications for commercial as well as residential requirements. This includes driveways, parking lots, playgrounds, walkways, and all business campus, office park, and industrial needs.
  • Concrete Floors-
  • Our Services include the installation of all types of Interior and Exterior Concrete Floors. We install concrete flooring in any size of building or plaza, to suit the needs of our many satisfied clients. We install industrial concrete flooring as well as a variety of decorative stamped interior concrete in an array of beautiful colors and finishes. Our Decorative Concrete is installed to compliment the Interior Design with high performance Form and Function.
  • Curb/Gutter-
  • For Commercial and Residential Installations alike, our Curb and Gutter Systems are designed by our experts to be as functional as possible, and our projects are completed in a timely manner. Our work is always finished to the highest quality, plus we comply with all Codes and legal requirements. We perform installations within new developments, and we replace existing systems that need replacement or repair.

Concrete Pumping

Concrete Pumping

  • For Commercial & Residential Projects, that are a challenge to get the concrete to, we offer our Pump Service that makes it easy to accomplish the job and capable of handling construction projects of all kinds, with the utmost precision and efficiency. We use High Volume Concrete Pumps which can deliver great amounts of concrete in a professional and timely manner. At Savage Construction, we are known for being On Time, and On Schedule. Impressive and Professional Results Since 1974.


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